Wednesday, September 25, 2019


It was disconcerting to see an apparently normal, middle-aged suburban woman who had once called me for legal advice and help long ago, led away to prison... especially because I knew I'd had something to do with that result. The transcript of the hearing is at the URL above.

Even more, it was disconcerting when she was also told she would now have to be registered for life as a child sex offender. Her husband was in court, because he'd had to bring in the deed to the home they owned together, to prove they could be grandfathered in as having lived there long enough, since otherwise, the location is too close to parks and/or schools, etc.

Christy and her husband have two sons, who are about the same age as her victim and my firm's client Ben Hurt. Ben was badly damaged by Christy Lenhardt's abuse. But Christy is not the only offender, she's just the only one who has been caught, so far. Ben was also badly damaged by the system, the slave plantation, Elgin Mental Health Center.

Christy's behavior was enabled and supported by the actions and omissions of her coworkers and her bosses. It started with the big lie that forensic psychiatric "experts" exist, who are not "mentally ill" and who know how to medically fix the brains of people who are mentally ill. That's the lie that we tell ourselves in this society, so we don't have to talk to people we're afraid of, people we don't understand and don't like. It's a cowardly pretense that doesn't work. It forces us to tell more lies, and ultimately we have to create the plantation. We have to destroy Ben Hurt and countless others.

I am posting this transcript for the benefit of all employees of the plantation, who should consider whether they really want to work for such a system, where abuse, corruption and disrespect are so endemic and rampant.

This is a good time to find an honest job.

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