Friday, May 22, 2020

FACT (email) #3

Between September and December, 2016, a Social Worker named Christy Lenhardt at Elgin Mental Health Center, a facility run by the Illinois Department of Human Services, sent a number of emails from an account at the address,, to one of her patients, at the address, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The patient was able to keep all these emails as documents that are proven to be genuine. They evidence outrageous violations of clear policy, professional rules and ethical standards, and criminal law.

In an email on October 11, 2016 at 11:47 AM, Lenhardt wrote to her patient:

            "If you read only 2 emails Friday then you missed the one below. It wasn't that interesting anyway as it includes my grocery list. Lol

"Thanks for the nice things you said about the other email and the compliment. You are right about the age thing. It was just a really nice compliment.

            "I just got home from work. I forgot my phone and had to drive back and walk all the way back in. I didn't see you when I came back. You must have been in your room. I parked illegally in front of the building so a few of the guys out on their passes saw me pull out as I left. I would imagine you might have heard about it already.

            "I have all these thoughts rolling around in my head and I don't know which one to pull out and share. I can't pull them all out at once because that would be information overload and much like a train

            "Your question today got me thinking. I guess it is natural for you to wonder. So let me tell you something. I am not completely happy in my marriage. There is so much missing in my relationship that I know I will never have. It's never been that way. I thought it would be that way if I just tried harder or did something different. I thought there was something wrong with me, something I wasn't doing to make him happy and pleased with me. When we met and married I was a people pleaser so I never demanded anything from him. Instead it was me always trying to do what he wanted so I could get his approval and never getting it. I didn't think about what I needed and I always gave up what I needed in favor of his. That is what a people pleaser does. Now I have a life with him and a relationship that does not have the intimacy, fun and passion that I long for. There is so much in me, so much of who I am that is untapped and dormant that I keep hidden or locked inside. You have a way of bringing that out of me. I open myself up to you in ways that I am unable to do with him.

            "So all that being said I am not sure if it is a good enough explanation for what has happened between us. In fact I am sure it isn't. There is no excuse and I should just follow the rules and do what I'm supposed to do. I would understand if you think I should too. You are not locked into this. We are both going to end up being hurt I think. In the end we both will go back to our lives because it's the only thing we can do.

            "I've been writing this email for the last two days. Why do I think of you all the time?"

(To be continued, with dates, times and the text of many more emails.... I apologize in advance for the offensive or explicit sexual nature of some of these communications. The tax-paying public in Illinois needs to know the truth about corruption and utter lack of any and all scientific medical professionalism, in the so-called "forensic mental health" system which they pay for. Christy Lenhardt is far from any singular bad apple. On the contrary, she is typical of the entire rotten barrel.)

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