Thursday, May 21, 2020

FACT (email) #2

Between September and December, 2016, a Social Worker named Christy Lenhardt at Elgin Mental Health Center, a facility run by the Illinois Department of Human Services, sent a number of emails from an account at the address,, to one of her patients, at the address, The patient was able to keep all these emails as documents that are proven to be genuine. They evidence outrageous violations of clear policy, professional rules and ethical standards, and criminal law.

In an email on October 6, 2016 at 21:55, Lenhardt wrote to her patient:

"My dad got thru surgery and 3 tumors were removed. He will be clear for heart bypass surgery in 2 weeks. I sat with my mom and drank 3 French Vanilla coffees and I'm wide awake. Even so I think I will fall asleep soon. I passed by you at a little after 8:30 going home. Maybe you caught a little sense or vibe of me as I drove past.


(To be continued, with dates, times and the text of many more emails.... I apologize in advance for the offensive or explicit sexual nature of some of these communications. The tax-paying public in Illinois needs to know the truth about corruption and utter lack of any and all scientific medical professionalism, in the so-called "forensic mental health" system which they pay for. Christy Lenhardt is far from any singular bad apple. On the contrary, she is typical of the entire rotten barrel.)

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