Friday, November 3, 2017

The plantation is in the news!

CBS News ran with a headline last night: "

Suit: Social Worker Kept Mental Patient As Sex Slave

This followed a press conference held at the Union League Club of Chicago to announce the filing of a federal lawsuit in United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois.

WGN tweeted a link to this story to over 233,000 followers this morning.

Our PI's are keeping a close eye on Christy, just in case she's tempted to abscond from the country, to what she might hope would be the waiting arms of Angelo, in Italy, to avoid prosecution and all the infamy at home. You have to figure her life is ruined, not that she doesn't deserve it. And speaking of prosecution, it's not a stretch to say her crime (a class 3 felony to begin with) was motivated by racial animus. She wanted, and intended, to sexually abuse black men. Hate crime statutes certainly could increase the stakes for her.

Angelo, as the media were most especially enthralled to discover yesterday, was an admitted/convicted child molester. Christy actually drove him to O'Hare airport and helped him escape in 2006. He's been on the streets, an international fugitive from justice, for eleven years because of her. It's not unfair to ask how many children have been molested because of Christy, in those eleven years? Ben's mother refers to her as a baby rapist.

Chisty's torment, and no doubt the torment of her family now, is only the beginning. EVERY individual defendant in the Hurt case can absolutely count on the same gauntlet of unpleasantness that Christy is currently enduring: endless questions from the police; endless requests for answers from professional regulators; scrutiny by the media; scapegoating by employers, suspicion from professional peers, loss of reputation; legal expenses, subpoenas and depositions; even doubts of family and friends. Maybe we need to keep an eye on several people who may be tempted to abscond.... James Corcoran should go mow the lawn at Chicago Read Mental Health Center, to stay grounded and reduce his anxiety. Decent physical labor is the best therapy of all.

It was recently suggested to me that certain administrative individuals at Elgin Menlth Health Center are lacking the required qualifications for their positions or their pay grade.

Brian Dawson, the Hospital Administrator, is listed as a "Public Service Administraor I" The minimal reqs for that include, "Completion of four years of college, plus three years of progressively responsible administrative experience in a public or business organization including 1 year administrative experience directly related to the option applied for; or equivalent combinations of training and experience." What kind of a degree does Dawson have? Is he in fact qualified for his job? Even dicier than Dawson is the new Program Director, who I'm told has some degree that is completely unrelated to the mental health profession.

The point for the moment isn't who is in violation of what rule or qualification. It's only that there are so many, that the chances of complexity and trouble are effectively endless. It's kind of like the tax code: if you're ever audited by the IRS, they'll find something to nail you for and they will come take some of your money no matter how careful and compliant you think you've been. The machine of government is fundamentally dangerous. too much is automatic, and nobody pays attention. Combine that with the uniquely hopeless corruption of "forensic mental health" and those who happily report for work in the Illinois Department of Human Services are really whistling past the graveyard every day!

Have fun guys.It's not like it wasn't your own idea....


  1. They'll be threatening the male inmates with transfers to Chester torture facility for conferring with you Randy. Those hillbillies down there can beat some sense into them and there are no courts to appeal to for any redress or justice. They could maybe do this to a slightly lesser degree with the females being sent to Alton snakepit. I'd say definitely something to be aware of.

  2. Thanks for the warning Rodney. I’ll take it seriously. It has often occurred to me that the patients who collaborate with me might be endanger of being released. If they weren’t there on the clinical units at Elgin, I would have little or no idea of what’s going on in that facility. Simply releasing all my clients would wipe out my intelligence network in one fell swoop! I’d be totally blind.