Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Refinement of American Slavery, Part 3: Transcript of a future deposition

(This deposition has not occurred yet. But it probably will.)

Plaintiff's counsel: Christy, you sent Ben an email on October 3, 2016, at 10:37. Here's a copy of that email.... As highlighted in the second paragraph you wrote, "I think of our time today. I think about top on, top off...snicker." Can you please explain what that means?

Defendant: I don't recall.

Plaintiff' s counsel: On November 17, 2016, at 15:30 you sent Ben an email. Here's a copy. As highlighted, it starts out, "Oh my gosh, what a day! I don't know what to say now that I'm here writing this. I wonder how you are. I hope the whole situation didn't lessen your enjoyment because I wanted to give you pleasure. It's amazing to me how close it makes me feel to you and I will miss it in a way. But what I won't miss is doing it in front of a window and the fear of being caught. That and the throwing So no one suspected a thing and I had a story just in case...I was going to say I was getting stuff out of my fridge and I dropped my yogurt and it splattered all over me." Can you please explain what had occurrred that you were afraid someone would be suspicious about, and why exactly the story of yogurt splattering would have served as an explanation?

Defendant: I don't recall.

Plaintiff's counsel: Christy, you sent Ben an email on October 25, 2016 at 10:02. Here's a copy. As highlighted, a portion toward the end of that email reads, "Now I'm in the bathtub thinking of you touching me all over. We'd be wet and our skin would be glistening and our hands would be sliding all over each other. We'd be kissing like we never kissed before, from all vantage points and then your mouth would be on my neck. You'd move down to my breasts with your lips and your hands. One hand would slip downward between my legs making me moan. Our kissing would get hot no our breath come faster. I'd touch you and I'd say, now, do it now. Then you'd slide into me and you'd move slowly at first and then faster. The friction and electricity making us burn like stars. We'd look into each other's eyes and profess our undeniable love, our bodies moving perfectly together as if we were made to fit together. Then we'd dry each other off and move to the bed where you'd pull me on top of you, my hips moving until we both came in a crashing crescendo, crying out each other's names. We'd lay in each other's arms after our vigorous love making, caressing each other. My body fitting into yours, I'd feel safe against your chest in your strong muscled arms listening to your heart beat and the way your voice sounds through the walls of your chest." My question is, did Ben ever tell you when you counseled him as his social worker that he liked reading this kind of detailed romantic fantasy? Also, did Ben ever tell you he loved you? Did he ever respond to this kind of fantasy?

Defendant: I'm sorry, I just don't recall.

Plaintiff's counsel: You realize of course, that you're under oath, right?

Defendant: Yes...

Plaintiff's counsel: And you are stating, under penalties of perjury, that you don't recall the information in order to answer these questions?

Defendant: I don't recall.

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