Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Friends of Christy

Sources lately have said that many staff at Elgin Mental Health Center are upset by the Refinement of American Slavery, young-black-Ben-and-old-white-Christy story. They should be! If the story were anything but a hypothetical tale that resembles real people and incidents only coincidentally (i.e., if it were true), it would certainly discredit the entire enterprise of involuntary psychiatric “hospitalization” and “treatment”. Media, legislators and the public in general would begin to think that Psychiatry is not a valid medical specialty after all (I mean, what if it’s true that Christy made Ben her assistant, showed him everyone else’s mental health records, and asked for his opinion on treatment plan details? What kind of medical profession is that when the patients never even had to go to med school but they’re in charge of “treating” each other?). More judges would start to say they don’t believe anything a psychiatrist ever says in court. Eventually, stuff like this would actually threaten involuntary commitment and the insanity plea (the two institutional pillars of Psychiatric slavery), and even Jeffrey Lieberman’s vision of a bright future would be cast into serious question!

However, there are some colleagues who remain as Christy’s friends, at least in the facebook sense: this list includes Victoria Imgram, the Director of Court Services at EMHC, Phyllis Gardner-Rudolph, a former EMHC social worker, Colleen Ann McBean-Delaney, a psychiatric nurse, Debbie Brisebois, a mental health counselor of some sort, Kimberley Claire Rosecranz, a therapist, and Al Melendez, nothing less than a sergeant at Chester Mental Health Center (Man, oh MAN! I haven’t been down to Chester in a long time, but I really should visit Popeye soon!).

It’s often tough to speak up, even passively (like by “unfriendling” somebody on facebook). That’s what this whole #MeToo movement is all about. There needed to be a safe and easy rallying cry against sexual harassment, because so many women fear retaliation. Obviously, if you’re Mariah Campbell rather than Chief Epperson, you’re at a huge power disadvantage. But anyone can protest and talk about this stuff now because social media are so anonymous. Maybe there should be a #MeToo/EMHC hashtag specifically for people harassed or abused you-know-where!

In any event, people need to show some backbone and enforce common decency and ethics with their own groups and their own peers. For gods sakes, speak up you guys! Don’t just count on me to march all the way to the Mississippi River and deliver the City of Chester to Rodney Yoder for Christmas, complete with two dozen M.D. psychiatrists and plenty of “mental illness” (but sorry Rodney, no bales of cotton). I’d love to do something theatrical like that, but I need help to actually abolish slavery once and for all under the law and eradicate this psychiatric plantation society. Speak up! Female legislators in Springfield are doing it, so maybe common state employees can too...Use a hashtag, or call me, or just give a disapproving look to Chief Epperson or Corcoran, Malis, Javed, etc., once in awhile. They’re probably too stupid and self-conscious to notice anyway. They won’t come after you, they’re too busy hiding and covering their own rear ends. I’ll promise to keep them busy with that, too!


  1. Some of this sort of thing was going on at Chester Mental Health Center. A Joe was a CMHC night guard and regularly visited a young black inmate named "Ricky" in his cell as the other night guards covered for him. And there was Edwin Vega who was fond of the young Hispanic boys and later went to the pen for molesting a boy scout. And Dr. Aikarakudy Alias was also overtly homosexually interested in young men at CMHC and it was, like your case, another of those "open secrets". Nurse, Rella Runge, who was likely late forties to fifties began a relationship with a young (20's) Mexican boy and he moved in with her when he was released. But down in CMHC any woman getting involved with any inmate was regarded in the same fashion as a white woman consorting with a buck nigger in old Dixie. They would be utter anathema and "ruined".

  2. I like that someone is speaking up about some of the wrong doings at EMHC, but I have to tell you. If you knew all the corruption I have seen and personally fell victim to at this facility, it would make your head spin...
    Not only at EMHC, but the people in Springfield are covering the butts of certain EMHC employees..
    I have seen management with MOB mentality, felonies committed and gone unpunished., and constant harassment by upper management.
    HOWEVER, if your one of the informants secretly hiding within your peers. You can steal time, violate numerous policies, even neglect the treatment of patients, and nothing happens to you. This is why no one comes forward, because the ethics training, the whistle blower protection, labor relations, civil affairs investigators, provide no protection against retaliation, even secretary James Dimas has looked the other way to protect the corruption at EMHC. Its going to take a class action lawsuit to dethrone the people involved.

    1. Perhaps state employees are so well protected because AFSCME contributes so heavily to the politicians.

  3. The whole place is corrupt. You hit the nail in the head. There is a hospital full of mental health professionals and they all turn a blind eye to the darkness and corruption that exists behind those walls. They should all lose their jobs and their credentials. They are an absolute disgrace.

  4. There is no REAL oversight in Illinois. The so-called oversight agencies, Equip for Equality and the Inspector General are awarded a contract or appointed by the state executive. Any politician can quash a so-called investigation with a phone call. But the people are fooled into thinking all is under control.

  5. Just to be clear,,,,, it's not "ALL" State Employees ... Its the upper management and some of the state employees that are working hand in hand with them to further their own careers, or to cover their own butts because of unethical things they have done.
    I mean as of present date we have a Hospital Administrator, that is the most corrupt and unethical state worker I have ever seen... He's been reported NUMEROUS times to Springfield and other " oversight agencies" and nothing is ever done to him. He is allowed to hire his life long friends to management positions at the facility, as if their are no other more qualified people in the state of Illinois. Nepotism,,,, I thought it to be illegal!!! Drunk on duty, forgery, stealing of state supplies, just a few other issues that must have advanced his career instead of hurting it...
    As the earlier comment mentioned, the ONLY WAY to correct these actions and remove the corruption is a class action suit against the facility... With the amount of people that read this blog, maybe you could set up a contact email that people can send you their stories, and see if you get enough from the people that deal with this everyday to file suit.

  6. YEAH,,, SILENCE HIM, before more truths and secrets are revealed!!!!